01. Multi-Band #1 (45:52)
recorded 09-09-96
Panasonic RF-2200
Worldstar MG-5000A
Radio Shack SW-100
It begins with two radios then three. There was so much motion in the atmosphere that the radios played themselves.
SW and CB bands.
mp3 (42.9 MB)
  02. Multi-Band #2 (25:30)
recorded 04-97
Panasonic RF-2200
Worldstar MG-5000A
Radio Shack SW-100
Three Multi-Band radio receivers resonating in the basement. The low moaning radio is the Panasonic RF-2200 w/BFO engaged. The Panasonic RF-2200 is like having “two turntables and a mic”, or a musical instrument like a Theremin except that you can squeeze or shake it to change the sound. It’s the most sensitive/alive portable radio I’ve ever encountered.
mp3 (23.3 MB)
Multi-Band CD Front
Multi-Band CD Back
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