Rock n' Roll Band
  01. Radio Getz (4:58)
Recorded 2004 by Dan Willems
Worldstar MG-5000A
Casio SA-9 keyboard
The components for Radio Getz are: Casio SA-9 beat, La Buena 620 AM Louisville, Darth Vader talking bank, Audio Box for a cardboard display advertising some French Liquor featuring Stan Getz on saxophone and a Power Puff Girls book with sound effects. mp3 (4.56 MB)
  02. SWING (5:47)
Recorded 2004 by Dan Willems
Worldstar MG-5000A
Casio SA-9 keyboard
SWING is the beat from the Casio SA-9, SW preacher w/Spanish translator and more SW. SWing / DXing. mp3 (5.30 MB)
  03. Baksheesh/Floating Tackle (4:33)
The Belgian Waffles!
Tony Woollard-Vocals, Panasonic RF-2200
Bill Zink-Guitar
Matt Whitaker-Bass
Heather Floyd-Drums
Chris Willems-Tenor Saxophone
Dan Willems-Alto Saxophone
Recorded 10-22-94
This is from our 7-inch 45 rpm record. Tony plays the BFO like a guitar! mp3 (4.16 MB)
  04. Flat Black Huey (35:40)
The Belgian Waffles!
Tony Woollard-Guitar, Trumpet, Vocals, Panasonic RF-2200
Matt Whitaker-Bass, Drums, Flute
Bill Zink-Guitar, Drums
Heather Floyd-Drums, Trumpet, Bass
Dan Willems-Alto Saxophone, Panasonic RF-2200, Guitar, Cornet
Recorded 10-17-96 at The Flash Back, Louisville, KY
This performance blurs the line between the “Short-Wave Band” and the “Rock n’ Roll Band”. The radio sounds like us and we sound like the radio. The Pana 2200 gets turned on approximately 10 minutes into the piece and doesn’t get shut off until the 30 minute mark. The whole band is shifting positions, from horns to drums to radio to guitars and back. Tony takes the first run at the radio, followed by Dan, then Tony again. This was our best performance to date, but the club asked us never to return. mp3 (32.6 MB)
Rock 'n Roll Band CD Front
Rock 'n Roll Band CD Back
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