This site contains Multi-Band radio receiver recordings made over the last decade or so in Louisville, KY. My main interest in the Multi-Band radio receiver is to use it as a sound generator, a music maker. Each recording is a composition, a performance, a spontaneous improvisation with the World-Band, or in some cases a Rock n' Roll Band.

Thanks to "The Professor", whose blog at WFMU.ORG, "Adventures in Amplitude Modulation", was the catalyst for this compilation.

Dan Willems
July 2006

email dwillems at adeptrecordings dot com
Worldstar CD Front
Worldstar CD Back
Worldstar CD
Good Friday Shortwave CD Front
Good Friday Shortwave CD Back
Good Friday Shortwave CD
Multi-Band CD Front
Multi-Band CD Back
Multi-Band CD
Rock 'n Roll Band CD Front
Rock 'n Roll Band CD Back
Rock 'n Roll Band CD
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