01. Soundtrack to 20:04 (20:15)
recorded 03-98
Worldstar MG-5000A
I used this for the soundtrack to a movie I made entitled, 20:04. I scanned the CB and SW bands. The visual aspect of the movie shows transmission lines hung above the streets on poles. The camera was in a moving vehicle, angled to capture only the wires above. Simple yet complex. mp3 (18.5 MB)
  02. Underworld #1 (18:00)
recorded 1998
Worldstar MG-5000A
  mp3 (16.4 MB)
  03. Underworld #2 (17:51)
recorded 1998
Worldstar MG-5000A
Two trips into the murky depths of the SW band. mp3 (16.3 MB)
  04. Shortwave New Year (10:09)
recorded 01-01-97
Worldstar MG-5000A
Panasonic RF-2200
Multi-Band Radios and other noisemakers were the sound accompaniment for the evening. The highlights of the recording are the "Number Station" in Spanish and the BFO of the Panasonic 2200. mp3 (9.29 MB)
Worldstar CD Front
Worldstar CD Back
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print the jpeg, cut it out, fold in half (scoring helps with cardstock,) tape up the sides or slip it into a plastic sleeve. Insert a burned CD of the mp3s and there you have it.

zip (64.3 MB)
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